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Refractory Construction and Masonry Bricks

Heating Elements

Unshaped Refractories

Monolithic refractories, refractory linings and accessories for induction furnaces.

Refracory Construction and Masonry Bricks

Refractory shaped products made from a fireclay or high alumina clay designed for use in metal casting and as construction and lining material.

  • inner walls and archs of steel, cement and glass industry units
  • structural and non-structural components and linings of chimneys, fireplaces, stoves and boilers
  • part of the closing system of casting ladles in metal casting

Shape assortment consists of nozzles, bricks, plates, blocks and varied shapes for industrial use. They can be produced by the individual customer requirements in a number of qualities from dry, semi dry and plastic matter.

Construction bricks are available in many qualities

F36, F36A, SI, STI, S, SI, STIII, R-SI/CII, AN55, AN60, AN61C, B61A, MK82A, B72AS

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Heating Elements

Heating elements are fireclay shapes with a pressed-in heating spiral. They are characterized by very good thermal properties. They are parts of heating units designed for ecological heating of rooms. The heating elements are supplied with several types of heating spirals as required by the customer. The standard range is from 100 W to 650 W.

Calcium-Silicate Shapes – ALU 1400

Calcium-silicate shapes are refractory shaped products based on calcium-silicate opening materials and expander held together by a hydraulic bond.

The shaped products are designed for the transport of molten aluminium and its alloys, being resistant to wetting by aluminium. They are generally treated with a protective coating. Calcium-silicate shapes are intended for service temperatures of up to 1 000 °C.

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Unshaped Products


For brickwork of refractory constructions

  • GIA, GIAC, GAN55 – fireclay mortar
  • GK80 – corundum mortar
  • MSG – fireclay mortar

Well Powder Sands

For the sealing of nozzles and sliding gates of casting ladles.

  • ZP10, ZP30, ZP32, ZP35

Moulding Material

  • FHS moulding material is used as a mould filling for casting steel and grey iron castings
  • Nr plasticized moulding material material is used forthe preparation of moulds for grey iron castings



For bonding and repairing of refractory shapes.

  • FS20C, FAN60C, FB65C, FK90C – refractory cements for general use
  • GT01 – graphite sealant
  • SYMELT – graphite-based sealant with chemical bond

Ramming Mixes

Ramming mixes for cupola furnaces and casting ladles.

  • DPH, HSIVB, HSIVD – fireclay ramming mass
  • DK90C – corundum ramming mass

Slag Coagulant

CLEANMET is used for coagulating and removing slag from the surface of melts in ladles or furnaces.

Unshaped Refractory Products for Metallurgical Industry

  • tap hole clays for all types of blast furnaces with different volume and equipment
  • ramming mixes for blast furnace runners
  • dried sands for foundries