Products and Services for Steelworks

We manufacture a complete range of refractory shapes for gating systems assembly in steel mills, standardized refractory bricks and other accessories – refractory masses, dusting powders for slide gate ladles, insulating backfilling.

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Different types of funnels with various diameters, shapes and sizes, with possible banding.


Pipes in various diameters and lengths.

Special Pipes

Various types of pipes for the centre brick connection.

Kingbrick – Center Bricks

Manually or mechanically formed kingbricks for dividing the casting stream with one or more outlet openings, in various diameters and sizes.

Through Channels and End Channels

Mechanically pressed “through channels“ in various diameters and lengths. The shape of the channels depends on the casting plate. We make “through channels“, with one or more outlet openings on different sides of the channel. We make wide sortiment of end channels.


For outflow steel casting, you can use our special product called “kokilnik“, formed from a single piece.

Ingot Risers

To connect the inlet to the ingot mold, we manufacture several types and various sizes of ingot risers.

Refractory products for ingot teeming. We manufacture a complete range of refractory shapes for bottom ingot teeming – funnels, pipes, centre bricks, through and end channels, etc.

Casting Sets for Bottom Ingot Teeming

Refractory shapes with increased resistance to wear, refractoriness and strength are designed for high quality castings and used mainly as bottom pouring assembly for the ingot gating system.

Is produced a range of gating holloware – funnels, sleeves, centre bricks, runners and other shapes.

There are more grades formed from a clay with the Al₂O₃ content of 55-88 % based on andaluzite, bauxite, mullite or corundum.

Refractory bricks S45 (fireclay), ML65 (mullite), B70 (bauxite) and MK85CT (corundum):



Parameters S45 ML65 B70 MK85CT
Al₂O₃ 45 % 65 % 70 % 85 %
Fe₂O₃ 2,2 % 2 % 2 % 0,5 %
Refractoriness 1 720 °C 1 800 °C 1 790 °C 1 790 °C

Keramické nálevky různých typů a průměru.

Vyrobíme jakékoliv napojení licího kanálu na kokilu.

Různé typy trubek pro napojení licího kůlu na hvězdu.

Vyrábíme různé druhy hvězdic, lišící se tvarem, průměry a počtem otvorů.

Kokilník - Náš speciální výrobek.